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The Sensitive Content Art Installation / Back to Art

The Sensitive Content art installation was created by Ukrainian artists Dariia Bila and Sofia Hupalovska in partnership with the Ukrainian Book Institute. It was displayed at the International Book Fairs held in London and Leipzig in 2023 and at the Berlin State Library.


The installation represents furniture collected in libraries of Ukraine that suffered most from the Russian full-scale invasion, from the Chernihiv and Kyiv regions. These books, chairs, bookshelves, and tables have witnessed the vandalism of russian soldiers who purposely burn and ruin libraries and use the heaviest missiles to attack peaceful cities and destroy cultural heritage.


Since the outbreak of the war, our reality has changed: we have witnessed what social media hides by labeling photos as "Sensitive Content". We covered the war-torn library furniture and books with white paint. We are covering the furniture but not the reality. The truth must be told — the truth about the war. Our truth is not aimed at impressing, but at testifying of the crimes that russians commit every day against people and culture in Ukraine, challenging the whole civilized world.

London, Berlin, Leipzig, 2023‏

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